Published: January 29, 2023


The Quality of e-Ridesharing: Are the e-Ridesharing Passengers Satisfied?

Alif Azhari Ismail, Safwana NurWidad Safri, Nor Asmalina Mohd Anuar, Zurinawati Mohi
Abstract 444 | pdf Downloads 392

Page 1-25

E-WoM Engagement and Purchase Intention on Social Commerce Specialized in Beauty Products: A Perspective from Young Female Consumers

Nono Wibisono, Widi Senalasari, Martin Elliott White, Agustinus Februadi
Abstract 908 | pdf Downloads 847

Page 26-46

Assessing West Java Supply Chain Financing System (SCFS) Using SWOT Analysis

Daud Fahmi Adhim, Nur Budi Mulyono
Abstract 435 | pdf Downloads 252

Page 47-69

Facts and Fictions: Focusing on TripAdvisor Reviews of Mount Tangkuban Parahu

Aditya Rizki Rinaldi
Abstract 256 | pdf Downloads 262

Page 70-87

The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Employee Satisfaction, Employee Performance, and Employee Engagement: The Insurance and Pension Fund Service

Mala Alfiyah Ningsih, Yoka Krisma Wijaya, Sidra Muntahari, Nur Damayanti
Abstract 1318 | pdf Downloads 1147

Page 88-100

Dividend, Corporate Social Responsibility, And Non-Renewable Energy: Testing Board Diversity Alignments

Muhammad Taufik, Winata Clevertan
Abstract 580 | pdf Downloads 265

Page 101-121