Published: July 01, 2022


Is the Indonesian Millennial Workforce Attracted to Companies with Green HRM Strategies?

Annah Dhiatul Ilmia, Maria Jacinta Arquisola
Abstract 608 | pdf Downloads 434

Page 100-114

Is Muslim Tourist Satisfaction in Muslim Destination and Non-Muslim Destination Different?

Anthony Brien, Izyanti Awang Razli, Widi Senalasari, Tjetjep Djatnika, Tintin Suhaeni
Abstract 310 | pdf Downloads 240

Page 115-132

What Drives Tourist Loyalty toward Taiwan as a Tourist Destination? A Lesson Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Carol Yirong Lu, Brendan T Chen, Riauli Susilawaty Hutapea
Abstract 461 | pdf Downloads 305

Page 133-150

Social Performance of Islamic Microfinance Institutions: Examining the Financial Sustainability as Driving Factor

Hesi Eka Puteri, M. Arifin, Hidayatul Arief
Abstract 470 | pdf Downloads 409

Page 151-167

Exploring The Current State Of Lean Practices In The Agri-Food Supply Chain: A Systematic Literature Review

Puti Fitri Larasati, Nur Budi Mulyono
Abstract 470 | pdf Downloads 361

Page 168-186

Corporate Social Responsibility, Customer Loyalty, and Financial Performance: Empirical Findings from the Islamic Bank

Muhammad Muflih, Radia Purbayati, Hasbi Assidiki Mauluddi
Abstract 525 | pdf Downloads 362

Page 187-200