Published: January 28, 2024


Modeling Adoption Behavior toward Islamic Microfinance: A Comparative Study Between Malaysia and Indonesia

Nur Liyana Zainal Abidin, Dwi Suhartanto, Dian Imanina Burhany
Abstract 109 | pdf Downloads 38

Page 1-20

Evaluating Service Quality Dimensions in Social Commerce: A Semi-Systematic Literature Review

Bukky Suwarno, Wawan Dhewanto, Prawira Fajarindra Belgiawan
Abstract 164 | pdf Downloads 52

Page 21-47

Islamic Branding and Product Ingredients: Non-Muslim Dilemma in Consuming Halal Meat

Erike Anggraeni, Khavid Normasyhuri, Tri Atmaja Pramudita Wisnu Kusuma
Abstract 137 | pdf Downloads 27

Page 48-65

Working Capital and Financial Performance of Indonesian Manufacturing Companies: Before and During COVID-19

Ruhadi Ruhadi, Muhamad Umar Mai, Sudradjat Sudradjat
Abstract 134 | pdf Downloads 54

Page 66-80

In-search of Trainee’ Performance Drivers: Evidence from Internship Training Program for Indonesian Vocational Teachers

Nana Halim, Nining Dwirosanti, Arief Wonodhipo, Wawan Saepul Irwan
Abstract 90 | pdf Downloads 13

Page 81-98

Responsible Consumption Behavior, Crucial Goals for Sustainable Development: A Systematic Review and Future Research Prospects

Arie Indra Gunawan, Vanessa Gaffar, Pearl Fafa Bansah, Hilda Monoarfa
Abstract 146 | pdf Downloads 69

Page 99-120